At  Plus1 Graphics, we design our own graphics for your website. Upon purchase you maintain exclusive rights to the graphics we design for you.

Maybe you currently have a website that only needs a facelift. Get custom graphics to update the look of your website.


Logo, Banner & Identity Packages

If you need traditional logo design or a web identity package you’ve come to the right place! To make an impact on the internet you need to make your website stand out, and there’s no better way than a new logo and a re-design of your website’s header graphic. Or may be you have an old logo that just needs a touch-up? We can modernize your logo at a great price.

Not sure what you want? Describe your concept to us and we will create it. We can incorporate your pictures, sound, music, text, etc. to create the  website  you’ve been looking for and we will create a  site that uniquely identifies you on the web.

Blog banners

We also design blog banners and backgrounds.  Just as our graphic design work, once you purchase a banner you will maintain exclusive rights to it. Please email us for more information.