websites we host

We love to create websites! Our most recent customer is a new coffee roaster located in Springfield, Vermont. Besides using our hosting services, Flying Crow Coffee has also hired us to create some of their graphics. If you live in Vermont you can find them at local farmers markets and coffee shops. BTW – We’ve tasted their coffee and we’ve… Read more →

wordpress 404 error page customization

You just put tons of hours into updating your WordPress website. You deleted files and folders to clean everything up and it’s time to show off the results of your grueling hours in front of your screen.     If you googled your old pages you were probably not too happy to see the 404 not found error within the framing of… Read more →

start blogging

You want to start blogging but you’re totally confused… we’ll guide you through the frequently asked questions and all that confusing tech talk. To have your own blog you’re gonna need to know a few things.   Domain Name You can order a domain name at or any other domain name seller.  A domain is a web address. This domain name… Read more →