wordpress 404 error page customization

WordPress 404 error page customizationYou just put tons of hours into updating your WordPress website. You deleted files and folders to clean everything up and it’s time to show off the results of your grueling hours in front of your screen.



If you googled your old pages you were probably not too happy to see the 404 not found error within the framing of your page.

If you haven’t checked do it now. Just add some randoms letters after your domain name. Like this – domain.com/prd

OOPs . . . you probably don’t want a new visitor to see that.

There are a few options.
You could:

 restore the deleted pages which will take more time.
 fix the broken link but it won’t guarantee that the 404 page will never be seen again. If someone types in a wrong url for your website they will still see the error page.
redirect the 404 page to your “home” page but it would require coding on the server side and it can be bad for your search results
~ ignore the broken link – not a great idea

There’s a fairly simple solution if your website is WordPress driven.

You could edit the page to look just like your home page but that would be a deception, especially if someone was looking for something specific that was once on your site.

So the best option is to make it look awesome!

WordPress 404 error page customization

Here are some useful links to help you get started with WordPress 404 error page customization:

WordPress.org 404 page edits

WPBeginner.com 404 template


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