start blogging

You want to start blogging but you’re totally confused…

we’ll guide you through the frequently asked questions and all that confusing tech talk.

To have your own blog you’re gonna need to know a few things.


Domain Name
You can order a domain name at or any other domain name seller.  A domain is a web address. This domain name will “point” to your hosting account so when people type in your domain name they will see your website.

You’ll need a place to “host” your domain name.  A host provides the technologies, services and storage needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. After you order hosting, you can install your blog software.
(We offer hosting starting at $5.95 monthly)

 To make a blog you need blogging software.  This is a program in which you create your pages and upload photos, which then “posts” that info onto your blog website.

lets say you’re using WordPress for your blog software . . .
– on the internet, you would login at your control panel
– you choose a template that you like
– then you would type your entry on a page or post and upload photos
– and press the “publish” button to add the entry to your blog so that everyone can see what you’re up to

There’s a short learning curve but for the most part it’s fairly intuitive.

Choosing Blog Software

We’ll help you choose the right one for you.

Total Beginner 1
 if you are somewhat computer illiterate the easiest way to start blogging is to use TYPEPAD

– on the internet, you would login at your control panel to create your blog
– you can easily change the colors and layout… it’s also very simple to understand how to add things to your blog, and they have a TON of help files.
Your blog would be hosted at their site

Total Beginner 2, if you don’t want to pay for TypePad or aren’t ready for your own domain name, the easiest program that is free is BLOGGER.

– on the internet, you would login at your control panel to create your blog
– Blogger has some new templates for your blog.  if you want an all original look, it’s a little more complicated to change colors and the layout, but there’s lots of help files around the internet to get you started. to sign up for an account. You can have it hosted with them which will require you to have a “banner ad” at the top of your blog. OR you can host your blog if you already have a domain and they would remove the banner ad from your blog.

Total Beginner 3, if you want to have your own domain name the easiest free program that has the most options is WordPress, and we believe it’s the best.

– order a domain name and hosting package at (or another hosting company)
– your new hosting plan comes with a “one-click” install of the WordPress software!
– once your website is up and running, on the internet, you would login at your blog control panel to create your blog
– there are TONS of templates to use with WordPress, choose one and go
– it’s easy to create links and pages

These are just a few of the blogging software available. There are many. We do not recommend Wix. Although it seems to have become popular it doesn’t rate high for SEO (search engine optimization).  SEO is the process that makes your site visible in search results.

Not sure how to set things up? We can help for a small fee.

When you hire us to create your website we can also provide your domains hosting.